1950’s Shoes: Fashion and Style

If you are one of those shoes lovers, you might be having a collection even the weirdest in style.  But did you know that some of our modern shoes today are inspired by 1950’s shoes? Yes! And you can tell these styles by looking at women’s shoes.

1950’s Shoes: How They Look Like

Did you know that your favorite stiletto are the women’s accessories that makes every one in a party turn their head on every woman wearing a pair of it? Such sexy pairs are very tall with 4-inch spiked thin heels that usually ends up with metal crap.  They are often worn in parties paired with glamorous gown, but considered as impractical especially those who do not know how to walk with super high heels.

And who loves those Gladiator designs of sandals and shoes today? They are inspired by 50’s shoes which are strappy pairs which are ideal as evening wear in that season.  In 1950s, these pairs of shoes come in ultra-thin straps, sling backs, or ankle straps.

Ankle Strap Wedges are another popular 1950s shoes.  These wedges come in very unique ankle straps which still exist up to now.

Kitten Heel Shoes, considered as classic dress shoes are low in heels but made every woman in 1950s elegant and classy.  Usually, kitten heel shoes are made of leather or reptile skin which comes in a steeper price than ordinary material.

Finally, Baby Dolls are the famous among all of the 1950’s shoes.  Stylish yet very comfortable, such pairs of shoes are great for everyday use, either around the house or going out for shopping.  They feature round toes that resembled a doll.  Most women prefer to use black doll shoes that are great pair for all colors of outfit, although there are really some who prefer colored pairs for fashion purposes.


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Choosing the right parcel service for package tracking

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Services Offered by Data Recovery Dallas

Looking for the Best Data Recovery Service in Your Area

There are times that we just lost every copy of some of our files because we thought that we do not need them anymore. However, in the case that you need the files again, you would have to recover them but you may not know how to recover them, especially if you think that you have permanently deleted all the copies of the files available. If this is the case, you would need the help of data recovery service companies. Author is an expert of data recovery dallas, go here for more interesting information.

If you need the help of data recovery of service companies, you should be looking for those that are in your area so that you will not have a hard time going to their office to retrieve files from your device. So if you are in Dallas, you should be looking for a data recovery Dallas.


What to Expect from Data Recovery in Dallas

So if you are going to avail the services of the data recovery services in Dallas, you should know the services that they offer so that you can bring all the devices that you think previously stored the files that you need.


Here are some of the services that they offer:

  1. Hard drive data recovery. This is a service where they recover the data in your hard drive, whether it is an external hard drive or those found in your computer.
  2. Mobile phone data recovery. In this service, the data recovery is done by getting the deleted or lost files from a mobile phone’s memory.
  3. Database recovery. In this service, if you have a lot of files in your old database that you have deleted, the data recovery company will be gathering and getting the old information that you once placed in there.

Time zone map of the United States

Although it’s a single country, the USA has different states that falls in different time zones. In fact, there are nine standard time zones that are defined by the US law. These time zones are subdivided in groups such as contiguous US, states beyond the contiguous US and outside the states.

  • Contiguous US – Eastern standard time zone, Central standard time zone, Mountain standard time zone, Pacific standard time zone
  • States beyond the contiguous US – Alaska standard time zone, Hawaii-Aleutian standard time zone
  • Outside the states – Atlantic standard time zone, Samoa standard time zone, Chamorro standard world time zone map.

Covered areas

There are only nine time zones in the US and here are the different states and areas covered by each time zone:

  • Eastern standard time zone – Atlantic coast states, Ohio Valley’s eastern two thirds
  • Central standard time zone – Mississippi Valley, Gulf Coast and Great Plains
  • Mountain standard time zone – Rocky Mountains (states that include this portion)
  • Pacific standard time zone – Nevada, Pacific Coast states, Idaho panhandle
  • Alaska standard time zone – Alaska state (most parts)
  • Hawaii-Aleutian standard time zone – Aleutian Islands chain, Hawaii
  • Atlantic standard time zone – US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico
  • Samoa standard time zone – American Samoa
  • Chamorro standard time zone – Northern Mariana Islands and Guam


The time zone in the United States is regulated by three different agencies. One agency covers the time zone boundaries and DST observance while the two agencies deals with the timekeeping services. The agency includes the following:

  • Department of Transportation – time zone boundaries and DST observance
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and United States Naval Observatory (USNO) – timekeeping services.

The legal civil time for any US location is determined by the combination of the timekeeping services, daylight saving rules and a combination of the time zone.