Having These Bank Products Means The Bank Likely Owes You More Money

Getting a loan or a credit card has never been easier today. With less paperwork to process, banks have been getting a lot of people to sign up and loan more money. But on this rush of getting a loan, you probably have signed up for something else you most likely don’t know about.

A PPI, or a Payment Protection Insurance, is a product that was sold along what you signed up from the bank. Basically, it’s the banks insurance that they can still get paid if there comes a time you got sick or unemployed. However, recent court findings have called out the banks for selling this insurance. As it turns out, people are apparently paying for something they don’t need. In this case, a refund is due, and all you need to do is make a claim.

But when are you supposed to make a claim? Having theses bank products most likely means you have signed up for a PPI too, without knowing it.

  1. Loans
  2. Credit Cards
  3. Mortgages
  4. Car Loans
  5. Hire Purchase (HP)
  6. Store Cards

Read the fine print of your contract with any of these loans. If you find out PPI Claims Company is included, it means it was mis-sold to you and you have been paying extra for a product you don’t need. In this case, you are qualified to make a claim.

What if you were informed about it, but was told that getting a PPI is “compulsory”? This example still falls as mis-selling, since PPI was never compulsory to begin with. You can actually get that loan without getting the PPI

But even if you knew about it, and even opted to have a PPI with your loan, you are still qualified for the claim. In 2014, a court ruled in favor of Susan Plevin, who said that she willfully signed up for PPI but doesn’t know about the commission the bank gets for one, which amounts to 71.8%! This amount of commission makes the bank profit so much from the PPI without any real benefit to its buyers at all.

So get those papers ready, make that claim, and get your money back now!


Tarot card reading might strike you off as something exclusive to gypsies and experienced practitioners. However, these three basic steps can give you a feel on how to make sense with what the cards are telling you.

Feel, not look – Sense how you feel by looking at the cards. The tarot might obviously say daggers, but that doesn’t immediately mean murder or death. You might feel treachery, or injury, and that’s perfectly fine. Tarot cards are not documents to one’s life, rather, it’s an instrument to sense the secrets that lie within.

Mind the elements – The elements (fire, water, earth and air) are important cues in Tarot reading. Fire is life and passion. Water is one’s thoughts. Air is creativity while Earth is pragmatism and wealth. Noting an element’s presence in a card or cards is vital to your entire interpretation. Learn about tarot reading on theonlinemedium.com.

How it falls – Is the card upright, or reversed? The position of the cards may mean a great deal with your initial interpretation. Basically, reversed cards may usually mean the opposite of what it is supposed to mean. In this case, if you sense daggers as betrayal, having it reversed might mean that you (or your client/friend) is the one doing the treachery and not the other way around. Of course, this is still open to your interpretation, but basically its position can mean a lot.

The answers lie within you – Most important of all, remember that tarot cards are not tools to connect with spirits or the universe. These are tools to connect to your (or the client’s) higher self, or his/her subconscious. From the start, the answers are coming from deep inside the hidden consciousness of the person.

These tips can get you started with tarot cards, so start impressing your friends in parties. If you need deeper interpretations, seek the advice of expert practitioners. They can help you find answers you may never know by yourself.

Top 3 Reasons To Buy Party Tents

Are you thinking about hosting some party in your neighborhood or inviting over your family to have a reunion? Or maybe you want some of your old classmates to visit you so you can have the best time of your life enjoying a small reunion. Maybe you want to prepare for the upcoming wedding of your brother or sister instead? Well, if that is any of the case, you must surely buy some party tents, they are very crucial for events like that, after all. Here are some of the top reasons why you should buy Party Tents.

Enjoy the sun

Well one of the best things that the earth has that is the major source of the energy as well would be the sun. What better way to make your visitors and guests enjoy your party or get together than to have them bask in the sun’s glory. Make them feel a whole lot more excited as you let them get a bit more sunshine in them and make them feel better too.

Get vitamin D

You should also give them a chance to get some vitamin D as the host of your party. And yet at the same time you would want them to get that fresh air and the opportunity to enjoy the nature’s view of the outside or maybe take a good look at your lawn or garden. This could also be a good way for them to get enough lighting to mingle with each other.

Protect the skin

Lastly, it provides your guest some sort of shelter that would prevent their skin from being damaged by the sun or from being wet due to the rain in the case that it pours while you are celebrating so go and get your own party tents and enjoy your party.

5 Best Father’s Day Gifts For Your Dad

Running out of new ideas for this Father’s Day? Does your dad already have enough mugs to fill a kitchen cabinet? Here are five new gift ideas you can give your dad this Father’s Day.

  1. Shaving kit – If your dad is a slick, professional looking mister then this might put a smile on his face. This kit could include shaving cream, an after shave and some spare razors. Or you could just give him a specially-made custom razor to brag about to his friends. If your dad is a beard-guy, then this could help him to at least trim it a bit. More information on CamelBak Bottles on www.lovecustombottles.com.
  2. Just a bit Tie Clip – He probably has enough ties already. Why not give him a tie clip instead? What’s good is that it is customizable, so you can write that “Best Dad in the World” in a very discreet and classy way. If your dad’s classy-ness is a notch higher, think of giving him cuff links instead.

  3. BBQ Grill – Nothing beats dad’s barbecue. If your dad really has that knack for cooking, then a new BBQ         grill can set your barbecue parties (with other dads of course) on fire. If he doesn’t, then at least he has           something shiny to can brag about to his barbecue friends

4. Customized bottles – If your dad is on the sporty side, customized water bottles are best. It can be for any      sport, so you won’t have to worry about specializations. Nalgene bottles and Camelbak bottles are easy to customize. Have it printed or specialized to your dad’s preferences.

5. Beer Brewing Kit – It’s probably about time he brews it himself. The kit is complete with tools he needs for making his very own mug of beer to impress his beer buddies. You can choose where the hops are sourced, making its flavor very special and personal. What’s more, this could be your dad’s new hobby.