Lamp Shade Styles You Should Know

When visiting your wholesale lamp shade supplier, you should already have some idea as to what you are looking for – not just the color or the fabric but also the style of the lamp shade. Here is a list of the different lampshade styles that you can usually get from a supplier or manufacturer:

Bell lamp shades

This is the most common style of lamp shade there is. It is usually flared out at the bottom and narrow on top just like a school bell. Since this style casts the light downwards, this type of lamp shade is best for reading areas and for desk lamps. This style is usually considered to be traditional and elegant and works best with a conservative or formal decor.

Drum lamp shades

The drum lamp shade is available in a wide range of sizes and the depths can be shallow or deep. The look is clean and simple and can complement a retro, modern, or minimalistic themed room. This style of lamp shade works best with round-based or column-shaped table lamps and floor lamps.

Empire lamp shade

This is a classic choice that is usually chosen for sophisticated and elegant designs. The empire lamp shade is similar to the bell lamp shade the difference is that it has straight sides. The diameter of the bottom of the shade is usually double the size of the top diameter. Like the bell lamp shade, it is a good option for desk lamps and reading rooms and also works well for floor lamps and ceiling fixtures.

Square and rectangle lamp shades

For a modern, playful, and geometric effect, the square and rectangular lamp shade works best. They come in different design details since with this style, you can choose between rounded corners, sharp edges, or flat sides. You can pair this type of lamp shade with a lamp that has a square base for a balanced look. If you want to go for a contrast look, you can pair a square and rectangle lamp shade with a round base.

Hexagon lamp shades

This multi-sided lamp shade is an attention grabber due to the uniqueness and the design comes with a lot of varieties. It is a favorite for retro-inspired homes because of its stylish playfulness.


Finding Mr. Right on Portale Randkowe

Have you ever felt left alone because all of your friends already got their boyfriends and some have their husbands?  That you have lost hope because you know you won’t be able to find a new guy to get to know since you spend most of your time indoor?  Then maybe it’s time for you to consider looking onto portale randkowe. Since you can manage this without getting out of your house or your office, here are some tips to make online dating more efficient in finding Mr. Right.

Take the initiative to talk with them

True there was a time when men should make the first move in courtship or “getting to know stage” but that was a long time ago. In this new era, women know what they want and do stuff to get it.  It’s just the same with online.  If you are interested on the guy because of his looks, age or any other reason you saw in his profile, then take the first step and approach him. There’s no harm in that! Learn about Badoo opinie on

List more of your hobbies

Men who seriously seeks for partner don’t just look at faces, age or body.  Their interest would be on someone who does same things as they do – watching football game every weekend, out-of-town tour twice a month, watching movies, reading books, etc.  Hobbies could either be indoor or outdoor.  What matters is that you would have something to talk about to get started and connection could be established.

Enroll on the right portale randkowe

You may consider one or two websites for dating as long as you maintain the same profile. But remember, just because you searched a website doesn’t mean you have to register promptly.  You may also take in regard the site’s membership regulations.  In short, do your research first before signing in.


5 things you may not know about beard t shirts

One of the most popular trending designs right now to go with any bottom that you want are the beard t shirts that is taking the internet by storm. You see, it comes in a lot of different colors and designs to fit your mood and your style as well. You have tons of choices and you have a lot of freedom when it comes to t shirts. Here are some things that you may not know about beard t shirts.


The most common material that is used when it comes to the printing of beard t shirts is mostly cotton. This is because it is very comfortable to wear and also very light. This means that you can go into hot places and be assured that you will get exactly what you want: comfort and style. It can also be dyed into a lot of different colors making it really pliable in the process.

India and China

Some of the top producers when it comes to cotton in the whole world is China and India which means that the shirts here are really cheap so you can go to these countries and expect a lower price when you are buying shirts from them.

Textile printing

The tradition or practice of textile printing acme even before the practice of wearing the t-shirt. The oldest type of printing being woodblock printing where the design is carved on the wood.


Before the hype of the t shirt happened, they were considered really unfashionable back in the old ages, maybe a decade back from this day.


The process of recycling t shirts keeps a lot of waste out of the landfills making sure that they would be reused again and help in saving the environment so be sure to buy yours.

Fix Those Trolls By Learning How To Hack A Facebook Account

Has anyone posted something bad about you, without even knowing who’s behind that account? Has an anonymous account tried hacking you, perhaps to steal valuable information?

If you said yes, you might be a victim of online trolls. With the expanding reach of social media, these guys have multiplied and have started doing almost anything to disrupt somebody else’s online life. They can start by embarrassing you on Facebook. Post unflattering pictures of you online. Or even lock you out of your own account. Learn about Facebook account hacker on

This has to be the time to stop them. And you can start by hacking them. Hacking doesn’t have to be bad. In this case, you do it to stop those people that do others harm. For now, you can start by hacking their Facebook account. Without it, you stop almost half of their online menace.

Here are tips on how to do just that.

This mode of hacking is very effective only if you know the troll personally, perhaps your relative or a neighbor down the street. You can send them a harmless-looking email that when clicked would automatically send you their log-in details. With that, you can lock them out of their accounts forever.

Hire a hacker
If you don’t know that troll, then it might be time to hire professional help. Hackers might charge you a hefty fee for it, but they can guarantee that they can get the job done. It would help if you know a hacker personally, or if you’re a hacker yourself!

Online Facebook Account Hacker
If you are don’t want to be charged too much for a hacker, you can try learning hacking. You can start with online tools that help you do just that. Some tools can help you hack that account right away, for a small fee. Sites like SicZine are guaranteed to accomplish that mission, or your money back.

Hacking can be helpful, especially if you want to keep yourself safe from trolls. Start hacking those pesky accounts today!