If you live in London, you probably know how hard you come by with space. There never seems to be enough space for anything. On the other hand, you have this attic with all your See basement conversions unused stuff lying around. So, what’s the best way to make the most out of that space? Here are some ideas:

  1. Bedroom – You can never have enough bedrooms. Perhaps you need a separate room for one of your kids, or even a nice cozy room you can offer your guests. Or perhaps you just need a new room for yourself. Converting your loft into bedroom provides you that extra space with added privacy. Having that room above everything else in the house minimizes noise; perfect for a couple who just had their baby, or somebody who just can’t sleep easy.

  1. Study – Speaking of less noise, the silence of the attic provides the perfect ambience for study and research. Arrange all your collected books on shelves and you can have yourself your own library in the convenience of your own home. Or you can make it more like an office so you can have serious conversations with clients (or your kids).
  2. Workshop – You might have the passion to create. Unfortunately, spaces in London won’t let you have that workshop you’ve dreamt of. Dream no more. Convert your loft into your workshop and you now have all the space you need to make that next masterpiece. Add more windows to your loft to give you more natural light. The reduced noise in the loft and its inaccessibility from children makes it a perfect sanctuary of creativity.

A word of caution though; converting your loft can be tricky and sometimes dangerous. The Home-Owners Alliance in the US recommends that loft conversions be done under the services of qualified service providers. DIY conversions might result to severe property damage or possible violations of city laws[1]. So, if you’re in London, London Elite Trades converts lofts efficiently and with quality. Check them out and have fun with that extra space.