3 Favorite Picks for Wooden Garage Door

There’s no such thing as “one” best wood type that could be used for a garage door.  The best type would be the one that would fit your requirements – economical yet with quality, expensive yet sturdy and elegant, termite resistant and others.  There are specific wood types for your specific needs.  Check on the top 3 choices below.

  1. Plywood

If you are after a cost-effective material yet still reliable, you might consider using this type of wood.  Regardless how big your door you wanted to be, you would not get much expenses when using plywood.  It could be used as exterior skin of the garage door despite of its weight and depth.  All you have to do is put it over a frame and it would equate to using a solid door.

  1. Cedar

Cedar is one popularlyused wood for garage doors.  Its weight is manageable, thanks to its porous property.  Lightweight wood makes it easy to open.  Another advantage from it being porousis that it could be considered as insulator and use as sound-proofer as well.  A garage door made from cedar would show no cracking or warping even over time.  It stands through harsh weather conditions and shows resistance to insect infestations.

  1. Mahogany

Now, this one’s definitely a favorite pick when considering a wooden garage door.  From its look, not even touching it, one would see durability and class.  If you are planning for your dream home then you should be picking mahogany wood for your outdoor gate façade.  This wood is naturally resistant to termites or other insects.  It could also handle changing weather conditions – from extreme heat to incessant rain.

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