Twisted Treeline Neutral Grounds You Must Be Aware of When You Buy League of Legends Account

Defend and destroy – these are the two key moves in Twisted Treeline.  Known as the second largest map in the game,you win by pushing your way into the enemy’s base and destroying their nexus.  Because it is smaller than Summoner’s Rift, this area gives shorter game length and allows player to achieve higher kill scores.  When you buy league of legends account, you would notice that Twisted Treeline consists of two teams having only three players on each team, instead of five. You can find more details on buy lol accounts on the site

The Altars

On these areas, vision and powerful buffs are given to the team who controls them.  Two capturable altars can be found on opposite sides of the map.  Standing on top of it for 9 seconds declares it has been captured by a champion player.  One captured altar grants additional gold while two captured altars award massive attack damage and additional power ability.  A locked stage is established once an altar is conquered which prevents enemy players from gaining control.

The Jungle

Although the Twisted Treeline is smaller than the major map, Summoner’s Rift, it still has a Jungle area.  The Jungler role is still present although it serves minor strategy for players.  Junglers do kill neutral monsters to keep up with their team mates in terms of possession of gold and skills

The Vilemaw.

TheVilemaw is a zombie spider that is the hardest beast to defeat in this map.  A full team of champions is significantly threatened with the presence of this monster.  Once conquered, player would be granted by substantial amount of gold and buff that allows player to improve speed, regenerate health and mana.  Even though defeated, Vilemaw is not seen dead.  Instead, it would simply get back to its den.  A lizard buff is also granted to the player who consumed Vilemaw as Nunu.Buy league of legends account now to apply your strategies in the Twisted Treelin – defend and destroy!