How does Escape Rooms Look Like?

Escape Games today are very popular.  It is found in almost all countries.  In Berlin, you can also see lots of escape-game Berlin.  It’s a challenging game for teens and adult that would surely develop teamwork and perseverance.



So, how does these escape-game Berlin rooms look like?  To give you an idea, here are common physical elements or components of Escape-Game Berlin rooms.  Check them out!


  • A Locked Main Door. This is usually the locked main door that you will be trying to open in order to escape from the room.
  • Locks and Keys. Part of the challenge is to open some closet, boxes, or mini doors.  These are also locked and usually, you are tasked to find keys for these locks.  Some pieces of the puzzles are also locked in there, so you and your team should do your best to unlock those storages.
  • Many rooms. Yeah! You’ll not just be locked up in a big room.  Inside the room, you can also find other small rooms where some of the items you need to find are hidden.  Some of these rooms are also locked and you have to find keys inorder to open those rooms and check the items inside.
  • Hidden doors. There are actually doors that are not easily found.  Some are hidden like part of walls.  Some are opened when one room is unlocked, or one puzzle is solved.  Don’t worry.  You and your team will try your best to find these hidden doors.  Who wants to be locked up anyway in a room for hours, right?
  • There might be codes that you need to decipher in order to solve puzzles. Every member should encourage one another to solve puzzles, or else, they’re all be stuck in a room and lose the game.