How to Set Up Your Storage Unit for Easy Access

We’ve heard stories about how people just dump their clutter in storage units and end up spending hours in them looking for an item they needed simply because they did not pack their things strategically or organize their units for easy access. You do not want to end up going through a hundred boxes until you reach the right one at the far end of the room. Here are some tips on how you should store your things in your Self Storage hong Kong unit so that you can easily grab what you need.

Rank your items according to need

The first thing you must do is to identify which items you may be needing while they are in storage such as winter or summer clothes, camping supplies, and holiday items. Make sure that these items will be positioned near the door so that you can easily spot them. That way, the items that you will barely need will be ones in the back end of the room.

Pick one box size

People take a long time to retrieve their belongings because they make the mistake of using different box sizes which ends up toppling off one another once you move something from the middle of the stack. Having a uniform size for most of our boxes will give you a sturdy stack.

Color code your labels

It is not enough to simply write a label on the boxes. Place a huge color paper on the top and on the side and label on the color. Set up your own color system. It is easier to spot a color compared to reading every written label in a box.

Make a list

It will also help if you have the time to list down everything that’s in a box, what color is assigned to the box, and have that list posted nearby the entrance of your self storage Hong Kong so you do not have to worry about forgetting where you packed certain things.

Make sure there’s space to move around

People make the mistake of filling the unit or room with boxes without thinking of allowing some space in the sides or middle to move around. It’s best to arrange everything against the wall and have smaller items in the middle, allowing some space to walk around between the boxes in the sides and in the middle.